Reza Nik Studio
an experimental architecture practice


A weekly piece reflecting on current thoughts, theories, research and sometimes creative writing.







& bumpy


of my life

being up in

the www maze

because it is

imperative to

revive & update

to post a glimpse

of these daily mix

of experimental sh--

enjoying every dose!

thirty three days out

& looking eagerly fore . . . .

…. updating updating upda ….

This piece is written using the constrained writing technique referred to as the “snowball” variation by the group of experimental poets OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle - Workshop for Potential Literature). They used constraints as a means of triggering ideas and inspiration to break free of the traditional forms of poetry writing.

In this poem (20 lines), each line adds a letter, making the last line 20 letters. It’s inspired by the fact that I spent all day today trying to update my website and web presence… and I still have lots more updating to do.

Reza Nik