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I’m well into the third week of my daily experiments and it has been quite fruitful so far.
One of the most important things I have learned is the value of self-imposed structures to plan my days. We’re not engineered for free-will thinking and planning. Since childhood, parents plan our days, and then schools, and then work - whether it’s 9 to 5 or part-time. We are used to having familial, institutional or organizational schedules imposed on us which define the structures of our days. And there is a sense of emptiness that we feel when we don’t have this structure - at least I’ve felt that. I felt this when I graduated in 2013. For the first time, I didn’t have school or a job, for a brief 30 days. So, my natural instinct was to hustle to find a job in order to have that necessary structure in my days again. There was also the financial need of course. But planning my own days and giving structure to whatever it is I am doing takes training, and these daily experiments have definitely been a great help.

Aside from the new structure which I am working with, I’ve also needed to adjust existing patterns in order to accommodate for this ambitious goal. This varies from sleep, to eating, to exercising, seeing friends and family and to reading etc. I’m seeing a dramatic transformation already but I do need to figure out the right sleeping pattern soon to avoid crashing.

I also decided to begin using twitter more effectively today for conversations and to connect with like-minded individuals. I don’t think I have been using it to its full potential and I definitely want to explore it as another writing platform to communicate with a larger audience.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and to learn over the year.

Until next week.

click to link to twiiter account and today’s thread

click to link to twiiter account and today’s thread