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[resources < demands]

We all have a set of resources (R)
………… and a set of external demands (De)
………… and a set of internal demands which we place on ourselves (Di)

We feel pressure and stress when R < De + Di …….In other words, when our resources have been depleted because of the scale of the demands.

This was a conversation I was having with my psychoanalyst this week while discussing my fatigue & pressures in the past couple of weeks. She drew a diagram of the above concept as we were speaking which I found to be quite insightful. It seems obvious, but sometimes hearing the obvious allows us to reflect on what we are doing and how we can adjust things to better ourselves, and to ultimately improve our mental health and our happiness. There is no such thing as being free of stress or being happy all the time, but finding the balance is important in order to continue to pursue our goals.

We place a lot of demands on ourselves, a lot of self-inflicted pressures for a variety of reasons - ambition, competition, money, love, fame, family, friends etc. But it is important to understand that many of these external demands are inflated by our internal desires and recognizing this and being mindful is crucial in preventing unnecessary stress….. I am not claiming to have mastered this, but this is something I will continue to strive for and to practice in order to limit burn outs.

One of the strategies at the moment will be to incorporate meditation into my life starting with this 3-minute guided one given to me by my psychoanalyst.

I hope it’s useful for you as well. 🧠

Reza Nik