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*day 75

It has been a busy week with many long days….Back to back deadlines, meetings, and talks. A few projects I’ve been working on for the past few months (and year) have also become official, which is amazing and I’m grateful for…. a lot is going on and I feel the need to slow down. At day 90, I am planning on having an official “de-brief” for the first 3 months of this experiment in order to guide the next 90 days. But for now, I will make an attempt to spend a good amount of time reflecting this weekend.

I believe reflecting on our process and acknowledging our accomplishments are just as important as chasing our goals. This may seem obvious and I know that I know it but it seems more difficult when you’re in it - and “it” being the process of crushing your goals (or at least trying to)…. It’s easy to disregard important things in life, including health, family, friends and other humans when you’re so focused on your own goals, and no matter how busy (or ambitious) I get, I never want to get to a point that my ambitions for pursuing personal growth trumps my humanity. This is not to say that I have done this…. because I don’t think I have (if you think I have, please let me know), but I want to treat this as one of the important pillars of my practice and to be mindful of taking the necessary preventative measures to avoid it.

The idea of self-reflection and evaluating goals and accomplishments will also help in addressing ones mental health, I believe. I was thinking about this as I found a list I had made at the end of 2017 called “2017 - A year of change” - on the list I had categorized my accomplishments between Art, Architecture, Academia and Life. I had such things as:

  • Art / had my first solo installation at EDIT (expo for design, innovation and technology)

  • Art / made 3 experimental short films

  • Art / tried screen printing (bday present from dana)

  • Art / painted my first mural in Toronto (scarborough)

But what struck me was the last item on my “Life” category:

  • LIfe / I got depressed the last month

This also happened at the end of 2018…. and my hypothesis at the moment is that this may be partially caused by my lack of acknowledgement of all my accomplishments throughout the year and the need to constantly grow and do more (and more). Well, I will make an attempt to do this more often - as a friend wrote in response to my blog post last week [resources < demands], I should pat myself on the back more often.

And to draw an intentional blank [ - - - - - - - - - - - - ] from time to time, in order to have a dedicated time to reflect.


Reza Nik