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We just completed the second and final week of our design build course at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture. It been such an amazing experience and I am so content with what we were able to achieve. Such an incredibly intelligent group of students who worked so hard to not only think critically, but to also design and build a piece of architecture to take up space in the city. There will be much more on this project coming up soon and there are so many people to thank - it really was a group effort and months of research and friendship with Andrew Winchur and the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust, and course coordination with Jay Pooley. Below are a selection of process photos in the last 2 weeks, more complete photos, drawings, gifs, videos + + + + coming soon.

Thanks again to all involved and those who stepped up when we really needed it, we can accomplish so much together.

✊🏼 🧡

*day 145

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