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A weekly piece reflecting on current thoughts, theories, research and sometimes creative writing.


It has been 6 months since venturing off to focus on my own practice and it’s been a beautiful experience so far. I have been quite busy with a variety of projects on the go and not much time to reflect lately. In a previous post I had spoken about the importance of structure in my weekly schedule, and this weekend I will make an attempt to begin a more structured daily routine as well - aside from having daily output categories, I mean. I have been loosely maneuvering through the days and I feel the need for more “scaffolding” as I move freely through them in order to tend more meaningfully to my relationships, experiments, health, gym, research, commissions etc.
The key will be to have enough structure, but not too much as I need the flexibility for spontaneity in my practice & life…. that’s why I like to think of it as scaffolding as opposed to structure - more malleable, less formal.
Let’s see how it all plays out as I try to develop some more scaffolding to keep it all together… I also feel the need for more physical scaffolding for my studio space…. I’m running out of space.

*day 159

Reza Nik