Reza Nik Studio
an experimental architecture practice


A weekly piece reflecting on current thoughts, theories, research and sometimes creative writing.


sometimes something and the other thing of the stuff that we do but i guess not

a little bit of humour and the ones that are just not ready for it

what do you say when i say this is and that isn’t

i don’t understand the way it should or how it was

experience the world and see it reciprocate

excellence, excellent and something of that nature

the radio of smooth operators are somewhat ambivalent

i can’t keep going if it’s something to think about

yes and now, but maybe so - just let me think of a better reason to

itching for the scratches which you speak of when i say that thing

whatever you say is something which can’t be a thing unless it is

hallalujah, i say to leonard who’s always listening,

the capital of this place is a local embarrassment -

free thought and nature is the key.

what do i know?


*day 173

Reza Nik