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We’re a week away from exhibiting projectGUNK at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche on Oct 5th from 7pm to 7am located on Bay Street, North of Queen - in between old and new City Halls.

Matthew Davis and I have been thinking about, scheming, designing and collecting for this project since the first week of January. It’s been a wonderful collaboration and a lot of work!

We have been collecting items from Toronto’s 25 wards and will be finalizing our assemblages / sculptures over the next week. The collection process is a very important aspect of the project and we have spent over 40 hours driving around the city and covered about 350 kms over the past few months.

We hope to see you there next Saturday… if not, the work will be exhibited at Collision Gallery at Bay & Wellington for an extended period (more details to follow).

Thank you all for your support.

projectGUNK at Collision Gallery (pre-assembly)

projectGUNK at Collision Gallery (pre-assembly)

Reza Nik