Reza Nik Studio
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A weekly piece reflecting on current thoughts, theories, research and sometimes creative writing.

[ experiments ]

Writing has always been something I’ve run away from, I either procrastinated and left it till the last minute or just avoided it at all cost. Even when I was doing my m.arch thesis - about 7 years ago - I dreaded the written aspect of my work. I could work days and nights on research, drawings, concepts, sketches and models but when it came down to articulating my concepts into written words, I always managed to find an excuse to not do it. Often times, I chose to make films or videos about my projects instead, or did another drawing or model - which were often successful in communicating an idea and were really fun to work on, but this resulted in the weakest aspect of my work being my writing because it was left till the end most times.

As I venture into creating my own practice this year, I will include writing as one of my experiments which I will be undertaking in a more disciplined manner, being once a week - at least. This will take the form of weekly blogs and reflections for now, but I am hoping it will extend to formalizing and theorizing some of my experiments and ideas in regards to my creative practice as well as some forms of creative writing and future publications which I have been planning. The aim will be to force myself to write something at least once a week.

Since this is my first written output of my daily experiments for 2019, I will briefly describe what these experiments are, why am I doing them, what I intend to achieve with them, and how I aim to use this technique to establish my interdisciplinary practice throughout the year. I have set the following schedule for my creative outputs which officially started on my 37th birthday on January 21, 2019. Inspired by @internetVin ‘s everyday project and with the encouragement of friends and a newly found online community called Futureland:

  • Mondays - 2d (digital or analog, drawing, collage, painting, etc.)

  • Tuesdays - 3d (digital or physical, sculpture, art installation, concept models etc.)

  • Wednesdays - film (short film or a specific technique, animation etc.)

  • Thursdays - mural painting (sketches for murals, techniques, actual murals, etc.)

  • Fridays - writing (reflections, learnings, theories, publications, creative writing)

  • Saturdays - sound (ableton, learning instruments)

  • Sundays - architecture (incorporating above disciplines to tie things together, concepts or any medium above to explore architecture thoughts and ideas)

Although I was formally trained as an architect and have been working in/with various global architectural studios for the past 10-12 years, I have experimented with other disciplines and I have always been fascinated by the much-needed value other disciplines can offer Architecture. In the past, I have used these other disciplines (art installations, short films, illustrations, murals etc.) to help me cope with the creative itch - or as others may call it a wandering mind / lack of focus etc. They have also been great outlets in addressing my mental health and depression during the times I felt that I just didn’t fit in. I will touch on this topic more in later posts but the aim of these experiments and these creative outputs isn’t to become an expert at all of them. I am very aware of the depth of knowledge and experience needed to be effective at any of these disciplines and I am in no way attempting to claim superpowers to perfect all listed above. I am neither interested in perfection nor expertise. I have immense respect for any creatives pushing forward their thoughts and concepts in any of the disciplines as a singular discipline (with of course the obvious involvement of multiple disciplines). I have unfortunately not been able to satisfy my creative desires through a single medium and I have tried very hard for many years…..

…. so at this point in my life, I am leaving enough freedom and space within my process to allow for the emergence of my practice through a more nuanced and organic approach…. and of course trusting the process. This is generally how I approach my work and I am attempting to allow the creation of my practice to also reflect my working process.

It’s week 1 right now - I am already learning a lot, and I’m really looking forward to the struggles of continuing this for the full-year while creating my space and my creative practice.